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Post by Marvin on 2010-05-26, 06:39

Package Guidelines

Forum Packages are forum posts being made on your forum by our Package Team members. Here are the Forum Packages you are allowed to request for your forum:

Hector Package

1 registered user
2 Topics
5 Posts
Costs 10 Credits.
Request once every 3 days.

Kilo Package

1 registered user
2 topics
8 posts
Costs 25 Credits
Request once every week.

Mega Package

1 registered user
4 topics
16 posts
Costs 50 Credits.
Request once every 2 weeks.

Giga Package

1 registered user
6 topics
24 posts
Costs 75 Credits.
Request once every 3 weeks.

Tera Package
1 registered user
8 topics
32 posts
Costs 100 Credits.
Request once every 4 weeks.

If you would like a Forum Package, then you MUST create a new thread in this section of the forum with this following template or your package may be refused:



[*]Forum Name:
[*]Forum Link:
[*]Packager Name (optional):
[*]Extra notes:
[*]Package Name:<li>Duration of package in days:

Keep in mind that the Packager has the right to refuse/accept any package for any appropriate reason. The Packager that takes your request also has the right to request you to request a lower package, or even refuse your package if your activity is insufficient or sufficient enough.

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Re: Guidelines

Post by Austin on 2010-05-26, 17:14

All packages except Kilo and Hector are closed due to staff shortage.

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