PivoClan: One of the originals [NEEDS MEMBERS]

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PivoClan: One of the originals [NEEDS MEMBERS]

Post by DaBomb on 2010-05-30, 11:57


Welcome I am the Admine of the forum named DaBomb, here at PivoClan you may animate with the following:


But mostly Pivot. Our forum color is green as you may see at the link at the bottom. As of today you may find that you have just been invited to join nothing but the best for the best!

To sign up just fill in the form and then no activation just sign in. I would probraly start by reading rules [HARDLY ANY] And then just make an intro but you dont have to. Please start by posts.

To get the animating tools just search and then download. For pivot I would use Pivot version 2.5 but for the rest maybe the newest. Please help today by joining us and fighting for your life in this epic forum by making a charcter and fighting for your dear life, make gangs/clans/groups, or just show off your stuff!!!

Join today by clicking here! We are still voting for a new banner in UPDATES:


My mod color.

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