Bad Luck Shirt

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Bad Luck Shirt

Post by DarkRegice on 2010-05-31, 08:39

I have always had one shirt, no matter when I would wear it, something bad was going to happen that day. If I ever got rid of that shirt, the bad luck would move into a new shirt. My current bad luck shirt is my favorite one. I'll explain. I bought a camp Lazlo t-shirt and it's my favorite cartoon show, so of course I would wear it the first day it came in the mail. That first day I wore it, a good friend of mine died in a car crash on her way to school, and my grandpa died about an hour earlier. I've worn it two more times, one I had a library fine to pay and the other well I can't remember but something bad did happen. I haven't worn it in about a year, I'm afraid if I do, something bad will happen.
I think that everyone has thier own bad luck shirt, so which one is yours and what bad things have happened when you wore it? (I'm not crazy, I had a bad luck back when I was in the 4th grade too)
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