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Pop rock music

Post by DarkRegice on 2010-05-31, 08:43

I've just recently started to see the artist in the pop genre, I've first heard Hannah Montana (Miley Cyrus) sing and I really like most of her songs, my favorites being Rockstar and Nobody's Perfect. Then as Miley Cyrus I like Start all over and Time of our lives, but See You Again tops them both. It sound a lot like "I wear my sunglasses at night" by Corey Hart.

Then I decided to give Selena Gomez a listen, at first I didn't like her because of her last name, but I realized that it was a stupid reason to not like somebody without hearing their music, epically since it is totally unrelated anyway. But Selena has some great songs such as Naturally, Falling Down, and Tell me something I don't know.

Demi Lovato is another artist I like, she sings Here we go again, and Me, Myself, and Time. She and Selena sing a duet called One in the same. Anna Margaret sings Something About the Sunshine. Hilary Duff never really got into the limelight for very long, but I like a couple of her songs, such as Sweet Sixteen, Stranger, and Come Clean.

Emily Osment and Mitchell Musso, both actors for the tv show Hannah Montana have a couple of songs as well, Emily Osment is going to have a concert with Allstar Weekend at the Taste of Chicago this summer.

Don't start me on Hilary Duff, I like a lot of her music, though I'm no fan of the holiday songs, I don't enjoy them. I bought Metamorphosis which is the 4th CD I've bought in my entire life. I like "Beat of my Heart", "Come Clean", and I just heard "The Math" for the first time I thought yesterday, but I can't help but thinking I've heard it long ago...

So which artists do you like in this genre and what are your thoughts on these artists?
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