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Social Island Review

Post by Austin on 2010-06-04, 11:15

Here is a review of Social Island from ForuMansion:

Social Island

Congratulations! Your forum review has been completed. The forum review will hold many tips, suggestions, comments, and feedback that are convenient and voluntary for your forum. Here is your forum review:


  1. First Impressions (Score: 17/20):
    As I clicked the link to your forum, it led me to the forum index. The prima facie appearance is nice and pretty inventive. The navigation bar and the banner are both well done; they are both detailed, nice, and complementary to the overall color scheme of your forum. However, it still lacks some more appeal -- more inventiveness (for the banner and overall color scheme) and more organization (for the details, announcements, and whatsoever your forum has). Nevertheless, the prima facie appearance of your forum is still nice and pleasing after all. (:<li>Categories & Forums (Score: 10/10):
    As for your site's categories and forums, they are in an ample and nice amount. There are forums for forum-related stuffs, advertising, support, and general discussions. Nothing to change. Great job! (:

Generalities total :: 27/30

Forum Style

  1. Major Graphics (Score: 8/10):

    Banner: (3/5)
    As for your forum's banner, it is nice, properly detailed, and complementary to the overall color scheme of your forum. However, the text in your banner still needs more organization (for there is a big space with no text or anything on it that it doesn't look that organized).

    Navigation Bar: (5/5)
    As for your forum's navigation bar, it is nice, inventively made, properly detailed, complementary to the overall color scheme of your forum, and satisfactorily accessible. Nothing to change with it. Nice job. (:
  2. Images & Icons (Score: 10/10):

    As for your forum's images and icons, they are all inventively made and appropriate for each forum that they represent. Nothing to change with them. Well done. (:<li>Forum Layout & Colour Scheme (Score: 6/10):
    As for your forum's layout, it is organized, neat, and accessible. On the other hand, as for your forum's color scheme, it is neat, simple, and somehow pleasing to the eyes. However, though it is mainly white, I found it a little bit boring and pale. Nevertheless, your forum still looks pretty nice and organized.

Forum Style total :: 24/30


  1. Population of Groups (Score: 5/10):
    In total, your forum has 4 members in the Administrators group, 3 members in the Global Team, 1 member in the Mod Team, no members in the Package Team, and 1 member in the Gold Members group. I'd say that they are totally imbalanced and somehow inappropriate, mainly considering the size and activity of your forum. The maximum number of administrators should have been only 2 (including the founder); the maximum number of moderators should have been only 2; and your forum should have at least 1 member in the Package Team.<li>Staff Groups / User Groups (Score: 10/10):
    In total, your forum has 5 usergroups: 4 for staff members and 1 for miscellaneous. I'd say that it is in a nice and appropriate amount, considering the size of your forum and the services your forum offers.

Usergroups :: 15/20

Forum Activity

  1. Post/Member Ratio & Quantity (Score: 2/10):
    Our users have posted a total of 666 messages
    We have 30 registered users
    If we will divide your forum's total number of posts by your forum's total number of members (excluding my account), it will result to 23 posts per member. That is 2/10 of the ideal number of posts per average member which is around 100. In addition, your forum has just an adequate total quantity of posts which should not be. Try motivating your members to post MORE by creating posting contests (without spam and in a fine quality), giving ranks/recognitions/rewards to your forum's top posters, and such.<li>Users Active (Score: 3/10):
    In total there is 1 user online :: 1 Registered, 0 Hidden and 0 Guests
    Most users ever online was 18 on Wed 10 Feb 2010, 10:59 pm

    Registered Users: Patrick
    Members connected during last 24 hours : Austin, BlueSky, DaBomb, DarkRegice, iJerick, Kaira, Marvin, Patrick, phio_chan
    In total, your forum has 8 members (excluding my account) who connected during the last 24 hours (2/7 of your forum's total number of members). That is close to the ideal percentage of users active estimatedly every 24 hours which is 1/3 of the total number of members of a forum. However, we are still considering the quantity of users active and your forum's is kinda low and not that impressive (compared to other great forums with around 100+ users active). Try motivating your members to get online as frequent as possible by sending them newsletters or private messages (PMing in social networking sites is more effective), recruiting more active and devoted forum-ers, giving some recognitions to those members who connects frequently in your forum, and such.

Forum Activity total :: 6/20

Overall Marking: 72/100
You have passed!

What could be done to improve your forum:
Improve your forum's banner, pick a better and more appealing color scheme for your forum, make things in your forum more organized, balance the population of your forum's usergroups, motivate your members to post in greater quantity and quality, and motivate your members to connect to your forum more frequently.

The best thing I like about your forum:
The nice amount of your site's categories and forums, and the images and icons of your forum.

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Re: Social Island Review

Post by phio_chan on 2010-06-04, 12:47

wow, nice review. detailed and clear.

we need to work on some points of this forum, it seems. ^^

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Re: Social Island Review

Post by iJerick on 2010-06-07, 04:15

Nice.. Very Happy
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Re: Social Island Review

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