Looking for partner.

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Looking for partner.

Post by Austin on 2010-06-17, 16:23

Social Island is looking for partners who will sponsor us and help us grow. The partner can help out in any way(which is recomended) like buying a domain or contributing something big to the site, like buying/creating a skin.


  • Must own some sort of website/forum
  • Willing to contribute in any way possable
  • Have alot of activity on website/forum(You must prove your website/forum activity to use through a link PM "Austin" a screenshot.)
  • Always have us in your affiliate/partners section.

Requirements are subject to change.

What you get as partner:
  • Administrator rank
  • "Partner" rank on our affiliate section(currently not up yet)
  • Me(Austin) joining your website/forum

Failure to follow requirements as a partner will result in termination of partnership and affiliating on Social Island.

Fill this out if you meet requirements:
I agree to the terms of Partnership: Yes/No
I agree to sponser and promote Social Island: Yes/No
Why you should be picked: INFO HERE

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