New Warning system

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New Warning system

Post by Austin on 2010-03-12, 15:14

Hello members,

As some of you may be noticing right now; we've just put in place a new Warning system.

This system is simply an add-on to the pre-existing one. As I mentionned in my last notice to members, we informed that we'd be adding a tag in the Personalised Profiles; Warning Level.
All members will be able to know to what extent and how many warnings they've received. As usual, my P.M box is open for any querries concerning past warnings Idea

The tags are as follows:
No warnings, clean sheet
One warning
2 warnings
3 Warnings
Last Warning
Banned (3 warnings, or 2 Serious Warnings or 1 Serious Warning + 1 warning)

Note that reminders aren't included here as they're not official warnings Idea

Also, we can't go through every pre-existing profile. We therefore ask you acknowledge the fact that not all previously warned members will have their profile marked accordinly. We can only guarantee that this is the new system from now on.
For those who have warnings; the green bar doesn't mean those warnings have been removed Idea

Thanks for your comprehension,
SocialConnect Team

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